El Camino de SANTIAGO


I walked for the part of the pilgrim road(camino) which is the world's cultural and natural heritage, about 360 km this time, I introduce to the following (update 2004.10.31)

Camino(Spanish--road for pilgrim, arrow of camino,persons in camino. It is using as the words used in a wide range of scenes of the pilgrim..

The explanatory remark--((***km ))--the distance to SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA. (## km)--the walking distance per day.
When putting a mouse on the photograph, a photograph number is displayed for a few second.---The photograph number becomes photography time.--"0409ddhhmm"means 2004/09/dd、hh:mm. Read 1 Euro as 133 yen.

The whole explanation

Saint Jacob ( being Santiago in Spanish ) ( the Gospels reporter St.John's elder brother ) who was turning by engaging rear Spain of Christ's death in the mission work took seven pupils who won there and returned to the Judea but was martyred in 44 A.D. Jerusalm. The coming ages " It was discovered " and it was built in the temple on it.
It repeated reconstruction and it became a cathedral at the present romanesque style architecture,whole structure is in this style,only the fachades is removing and doing in another styles,later in 17th and 18th centuries.. It may be a legend but it is evident that it became a support in being rustled and the heart with the Middle Ages, the muslim. As for the people, the people in Europe are got to travel SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA(--Pilgrim) as the world 3 big holy place which equals Rome(--Romeros) where Christ's born place Jerusalm(--Palmer)., Petros lie idle beyond Pyrenees beyond Alps, saying Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, North Europe.
In the 12nd century of the golden age, it is the fact that 500,000 annual walked. The feeling as there is the mountain because of the health, and so on, walking existence, too, at present
It is possible to nod, that it is necessary to win a long vacation and that the housewives and the students are many, too.
This year, in 2004, it falls on " Jacob year " with period in 6, in 6, in 12. The year, with mass in the noon which is done at the cathedral , it is Botafumeiro ; The ritual of Botafumeiro ( the thurible ) is done every day and is highlights. The following is 2010. Every year, on July 25th, it is a festival with holy SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA .
In each place of the CAMINO relation, a festival is done.

CAMINO briefling

** CAMINO persons--Actually, a lot of persons walk.
Spaniard(approximately 50%),French,Dutch,German,Canadian,Mexican,Japanese(a few) etc.
** Credential--It is possible to get by publishing in the church and at the inn. All are checked at office of SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA. The period is not in the relation,even if 2 years. Only the arrival part in SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA The diameter route may be cut off. The total distance needs equal to or more than 200 km for bicycle and it is equal to or more than 100 km for walking.
** Compostela--It is possible to hang in pilgrim certificate--Latin and it publishes at the pilgrim office. When doing a travel many times and arriving at SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, it becomes many sheet in the life time.
** Inn--Refugios and Albergue at the aid facilities.It is possible to stay if there is a pilgrim note book. Donation ( the contribution ) is free in much. The great part manages by the volunteer. It is equipped with the kitchen ( an article of furniture, gas and an electric heater ( 4 ream hi-tech ) are stuck ), the dining room, the shower stall, the bunk bed.
There is capacity, too, but it seems to make head for another Albergue as" Complete!" in case of laying a mat and being in the floor in case of going to bed too, and crossing it.
There are a PC and a prepared place and the Internet is possible. When having the address that e-mail is made of the Internet, it is possible to contact Japan, too. The screen of Yahoo.co.jp can be seen in Japanese.
** CAMINO field--Most are dirty road , asphalt , stone, too. Many most become an old road and are used as camino or there are becoming the way of the cow and so on. It pays attention to the camino arrow because there are parts which are cut off at the roadway.The back street at the house, the road in the neighborhood at the factory, the way of crossing a mountain, the national road and the way of the prefectural highway going-along. The road between fields of the side in the wine field..The bridge and so on.There are many narrow bridges of the one-way traffic and so on in the bridge which passes a car, too. There are surprisingly many, too, stairs.
**How to walk in camino--It walks earnestly. A bench or a table is prepared and the space which spreads lunch, too.
In the measurement, By the example itis 120 steps / a minute in 80 cm of pace intervals. It is 5.7 km /a hour ( the speedy-person.)
Another is 100 steps / a minute in 60cm of pace intervals. It is 3.6km /a hour (the ordinary-person.) the time of the guidebook 4 km of standard
** The replenishment of water in camino--("agua" in Spanish)It is possible to replenish water in Albergue ( existing at the 10 km distance ) ( the inn ) which is in the place where there are few water places in last Santiago neighborhood. Many water places are prepared. A plastic bottle is grasped by pilgrim's hand. With the knapsack, the one of 1L is convenient for the A plastic bottle is grasped by their hand emargensy use at the aluminum can.
** The scenery of CAMINO-- countryside is the great part.
0409120848.jpg It enters in to the city sometimes. In Santiago neighborhood, the pasture spreads.
CAMINO arrow--In the everywhere by the marks such as yellow arrow-mark.In the electric light pole and curb The sign which had the mark of the shellfish The km sign 0.5 km and 1 km
The CAMINO sign in the 500 m interval 0409111105.jpg

** shoes for CAMINO--The biggish shoes of about 2 cm are good. There still be two sheets of socks and so on leeway again, too. Because the swelling occurs, it is always damage at the leg in the part when not big.
** the sunglasses in CAMINO--The device which avoids ultraviolet rays is necessary-- rays of the sun is strong. Because sweat falls to the sunglasses when turning down and walking, it is useful for the posture correction, too.
** Greeting--HOLLA! CAMINO! Bien CAMINO!
** The encounter--The person with journey to 20 km / the day --- 50 km / the day walks respectively in three intervals to 100 m. When passing, it is called Holla! and it exchanges a look each other. It often, too, talks for a while. The Spaniard likes chats throughout the day. This conversation, too, needs hard CAMINO.
**The departure time--It is sometimes decided by Albergue, too. At the latest It is necessary to leave by 8 o'clock.
**The arrival time--From noon to pm7:00 for ex. is receptable.There are many of CAMINO of the bicycle, too, and it arrives steadily. It stands in line in the order, too. The enough time to wash and to dry if being early arrival.
**meal--camino buy at the grocery store and in the supermarket nearby.The tomato, the banana measure weight. There sometimes are Bar, a restaurant out of Albergue too, and he, it must investigate beforehand with the material beforehand. If not being, it buys in the city in front and it is necessary to eat beforehand.
** The stick-- Almost carries a stick for the trekking.The long stick which symbolizes for camino with shellfish and gourd is convenient.
**In the flashlight--In early morning,the flashlight is indispensable. The LED headlight is best. ( Light weight, the wear )
** Luggage--The 10 kg luggage is a limit to the size as much as knapsack --50L. It is convenient when rolling up a mat, too. It is possible to go to bed by laying on being while traveling, the vacant land.
** pochette --The various of the digital camera and so on (pochette putting a notebook, a map, a magnet, a guidebook, a coin, a plastic bottle and so on beforehand. isn't necessary to unload )
** the washing--The type to wash with the hand is most. The washing machine and the spin dryer puts a coin, too.
** the fruit--By the vineyard in the fruit--PONFERRADA neighborhood in the passage The apple which is small with the Galicia-district which is near Santiago. The wild strawberry has grown in the place to lead. The tendency which increases steadily to the highway to scatter a seed.
**Guidebook-- EL CAMINO DE SANTIAGO A PIE and Web site----http://www.caminosantiago.org/cpperegrino/peregrino.htm

The diary of the pilgrim

**9/2(thu) Madrid
**9/3(fri)(1st day of pilgrim) Madid Charmartin Station--TALGO am8:00--Sahagun Station am11:30
Sahagun((362.1km))--EL BUROGO RANERO((344.2km)) (17.9km)
Having do to do the published of sheet for the the certificate,credential(COMPOSTELA ) to get a postmark in each place in the church of Sahagun.In the church,PC was put, it starts Yahoo.co.jp and it sends e-mail to several persons.

P m1:00.OK,Start from SAHAGUN here just front of Colon's statue . 0409031217_1.jpg I got the detailed map at the Sahagun downtown from yellow's searching for the arrow.
At first, it was difficult with being unexpected. However, the good thing had a feeling if advanced in the natural posture if not being an extreme corner when accustomed, too. When that is, it should advance towards the following arrow straight just as it is from the first arrow At the straight roadway, the byway is on and there is a road in earth. A poplar and a low shrub have been planted and it, too, is a mark. Because the part of the leaf of the shrub is arranged for as much as 1.5 m from the ground, the ground continued at the part which was made a heave, making figure of arch about the part of the leaf of the trees, too.
To EL BUROGO RANERO,17.9km.0409031321_2.jpg It was difficult to do anywhere for a few search of the place of Alberguee ( the inn ). If facing a highway, it is easy, but when not facing, the arrow becomes the 2 directions and goes to Albergue or doesn't come to Albergue and progresses straight or is. By calling in at Albergue almost, we receive a postmark and it seems that it does a communication.

Albergue;EL BUROGO RANERO((344.2km)) arrival pm4:45.The person of the volunteer wss cutting down and guides in the kindness. The hotel charge was free but donation ( the contribution ) is free. Because arrival was late, it seemed that it was the last bed at the last room and it is lucky. Of Negro woman's being making what and food with kitchen and assuming them so In Albergue, the frying pan and the article of furniture get ready almost, and that does food at anyone and the foodstuff is the system which may eat at the dining room.
It stops even if it eats at Bar and the restaurant and there is free. Because there was a PC, it strikes e-mail in Japan.


**9/4(sat)(2nd day of pilgrim) EL BUROGO RANERO((344.2km))--LEON((306.8km)) (37.4km)

Someone beat a bed early morning in 4:00. Was it doing a reply frankly to " will go, being same " and so on and the history yesterday? It occurred while rubbing eyes with sleepiness. It made the coffee which was put on the banana at the food shop nearby in the previous night, the orange, the bread, the yogurt, the kitchen to buy beforehand and so on to the mouth. It got off the other two there and the soup was warming up with the electric heater. Thay arranged departure preparation immediately and thay left inside being utterly dark. The street burned but outside, it was utterly dark when approaching outskirts of a village. It put a headlight and it searched the mark of Camino. It wasn't possible to have caught up readily though it should be different only in 10 minutes.
Barely, it was about 1 hour and they did't wolk on camino but were doing a roadway in the trot. Two of the of sandal appearances can carry a leg more smoothly and this one seemed convenient. In these two and when walking, when Tsuchimichi's Camino and paved road were necessary concurrently after this, too, it walked in the paved road. These two were called Daniel and Manuel. It was a brother with the good relations to wear the same knapsack, the same sandal. It knew later when the elder brother was doing the general sales manager of Nestle. The coffee which was needed by the kitchen of Arbergue will have been clumsy surely. It found a reason for saying many times. The elder brother was similar to the actor who appeared to movie " Leon " and the parentheses were good for him. Both two are RONCESVALLES at the Spaniard: It walks already and in 403 km, it leaves 344 km from one )((747.1km)) of the start spot on the side of Spain. Because it was the same, the goal was the pal who may walk together. There are three children in two together at 59 years old and 56 years old. Because thay have a cell phone, thay made a contact with the house extensively. " We are walking now with JAPON ( the Japanese ) ". thay chated with the son because it says and it turns the phone to this place. The head who attempts to cry for " the leg of your father is robust like iron! " but understands ? In 8 hours of walking in the briskness, We arrived at Leon ( the capital in Leon prefecture ) in noon 12:40.

0409041315.jpgThe cathedral of Leon: Because stained glass is excellent about this church, first, it visits. " Is it such a thing with solemn light flood "? In, it was doing a wedding.
I sketched stained glass.0409041320.jpg Daniel's and Manuel's brother returned to do the procedure of the staying in Albergue of stopping LEON . I sketched the outside of the church. The city hall plaza on the returning way ,brother drank beer per day in Plaza Mayor and was relaxing. In surging by a lot of excursionists. The registration at the pm3:00 to Albergue. There is a court in Albergue in this place, the room which laid only a mat on the 1st floor of another of the buildings is prepared by it and is buried there, too, by the person in order in it. I met the Japanese man who walked at the reverse course from ASTORGA((258.5km)) and We spoke for a while.His walk was 2000 km travel to go back along the Rhine river in Germany and to descend the Rhone river. Therefore, the meeting German is the thing that it is possible to take a long-range vacation in the half year within 6 years. Because it was possible to take a long-range vacation in Europe in this way, the long travel seems to become possible. Way, this Japanese 60 years old who was a retire just now.


**9/5(sun)(3rd day of pilgrim) LEON((306.8km))--PUENTE Y HOSPITAL DE ORBIGO((274.7km)) (32.1km)

The departure time of Albergue:LEON ( Leon ) was since then at 6:30. Camino got up one after another. There was service of the breakfast, it swallows bread and coffee and is a talk for a while.
0409050509.jpg Brother and I left for 6:30 in the morning. It took the shortest route which crosses Beruesga river via SAN MARCOS without going via Leon cathedral. It became with any set of pilgrims. In 10 groups, it walked in caminio. Marisa who did an action together later into this group was included. She was a very fast woman. The course separates into the 2 directions from here and there are hills and 2 directions of the roadway going-along. The Marisa woman group did hills. The super trot group of Daniel and Manuel went along in the roadway. It did the herb which grows in the place where the road to Santiago leads at the mouth. We lost a way at the interchange of the A-66 line.The big interchange which rolls up a coil to head for the west must be roughly gone around, but we went ahead on the road. The mark of Camino appeared sometime and joined a regular road. As for Camino which the bicycle can advance on, there are many things of the national road going-along and most are the national road or the general road which heads for the west. It meets in the twining in the form which joins in being parallel to Tsuchimichi's Camino or somewhere but it continues to Santiago. In the nearness with the noon, it is PUENTE Y HOSPITAL DE ORBIGO ((274.7km)). We approached the ORBIGO bridge.

0409051205.jpg On the flood plain under the bridge which seemed to be doing a big festival, the person who put on the helmet which protected eyes was burning a sausage.
Crowds of persons drank wine, chatted and were making noise. If paying 5 pieces of Euro, it was free in the eating and drinking until 5 o'clock. In the case, it seemed that it distinguished between the special hat by the putting-on. Because the bean formed in my leg already, I declared a retire here. Daniel, and Manuel, already, as for three of the accompaniment, it said that 16.2 km walked to ASTORGA . Then, they became 48.3 km walking. They are so-called pace of 50 km /a day. I took an inn in MUNICIPAL of the village run. It returned to the crowd, being lightly dressed. It did a sketch at the Orbigo bridge by one sheet while using a verandah at the hotel which faces to the street and drinking beer. Because the Spanish country president appeared on pm5:00, the person in the village gathered in front of the stage.

0409051701.jpg The car which was led by the police car is included in the crowd. It appeared on the rostrum barely. It was the sound of the helicopter to overhead. I was the time even if it warps, being sad, too. It had pain in the leg. Having the person of Albergue do the treatment of the bean It is a cushion material ( seeing, being the first time but condition's being very good ) and so on so as not to stick with the needle, to turn on water and to step on the disinfection, the adhesive plaster, the adhesive plaster which is transparent so as not to come off, there. It does a first aid. In the both legs Appreciating!!


**9/6(mon)(4th day of pilgrim)PUENTE Y HOSPITAL DE ORBIGO((274.7km))--ASTORGA((258.5km))--RABANAL DEL CAMINO((237.9km)) (36.8km)

I leave albergue oneself at 6:30 a.m. The circumference was woods. The long road was stretching straight in the darkness.Actually, there were three inns of MUNICIPAL, PARROGUAL, SAN MIGUEL in PUENTE Y HOSPITAL DE ORBIGO. MUNICIPAL which I stayed at seemed to correspond to Refugios at the aid facilities of the village run. the volunteer left how to pm8:00. Because early in the morning, water didn't come out, it calls in at another Albergue which was in the course and it replenishes water. Together for a while from Leon in this place ,Marisa .Her leg was so fast, too, and walked in front of me. here were the 2 directions of roads on the way. I walked along the national road. Marisa and DIEGO of the man who knew this, too, later went ahead at the road on another hill. On the hill which views the city of ASTORGA from a distance, we joined. They left at once after seizing out a breath. I, too, took the distant view of wonderful ASTORUGA with the camera.0409060906.jpg These they while few, too, went ahead ahead by several of 10m. The gallop way of running was necessary to catch up. I ran just as it is in ASTORGA in the force which attained to them. ASTORGA arrived at am9:15. It sketched the Episcopal palace ( being a Santiago pilgrim route museum at present ) that Gaudi designed. 0409061006.jpg Here, Marisa and Diego catch up and outstrip me. Even if it ties a shoelace once more, they don't wait. The delayed one catches up in the trot. It ends a sketch and it buys water at the shop which is in the rear. Several kinds of pilgrim canes are put and it buys the cane of the perfection which had " a shellfish " with " the gourd " with the highest height. 19.6 Euro The 9:45 starting over again It chases DIEGO ( Diego ) with Marisa. It discovers to walk about 300 m ahead. It should catch up, " It is my-way of running ". The long cane bothers and can not run readily. It catches up in MURIAS DE RECHIVALDO village ((253.8km)). It sees a big cane and it is both persons. The guffawing It becomes three travels from here. In the scorching sun, DAVID ( David ) of the Spaniard joins about this, too, by the rest of the shade of a tree and becomes four. Diego is without a mouth and David is to quite chat. This pilgrim-tripe in the fact of the 4th travel " Being to be mental, religiousness, love, all of "Amigo" ( the friend)--"(BeingTod)" It says, being feverish. pm3:30 RABANAL DEL CAMINO((237.9km))arrival It says that David continues a travel more. After all, until the following staying, it goes to the way, it seems that it turned around from the 5 km road and it seems that it stays at this place.
0409061520.jpg Adonis that to be changed with this David and to do a travel together from the next day is from the Galicia district.At the dining room, three woman pilgrims were talking in English. Thay divided soup among me, too. When saying that I was walking while I did a sketch, they asked me to show the result that they were learning completely. The conversation grew lively . Mexican woman asked to drow at her notebook . I sketched albergue with the ball-point pen and it did a few stories. She said that she come to Japan on October 12th and that she stays until the 20th. It said that there was a society in Japan at the doctor of the ophthalmology. There were many caminos who know Japan. I met many after this to the smino who have come to Japan. Way, David is working in the joint venture in the chemical corporation in Japan.

**9/7(tue)(5th day of pilgrim) RABANAL DEL CAMINO ((237.9km))--PONFERRADA((205.2km)) (32.7km)

RABANAL DEL CAMINO --The am6:30 departure.Diego and I tried to leave with Marisa. The young man who arranged a travel packing likewise there stood. It was Adonis. He is the 3rd pilgrim tripe. Last time, it was December 28th. O'CEBREIRO ; It is leaving mountain pass and walking to Santiago. This time, from LEON. Four of Marisa, Adonis, me, Diego walked in the darkness.
Diego was a little late. We went up the paved road, climbed a road to the 1505 m uplands,Famous La Cruz de Hierro ( the iron cross ) ..0409070837.jpg In the following MANJARIN , the specialty master who does the ritual ( referring to the note of 9/12 ) of Queimada Therefore, we had the stamp. 0409071229.jpg It wasCoffee break at am10:30,steadily in the getting-off, for just 4hours to EL ACEBO((221.2km)).0409071113.jpg It descended a clause from here to PONFERRADA 0409071229.jpg We passed the forest in the mountains zone which received damage about 6 km last year in the brushfire in 2003. MORINASECA((213.2km)) in the foot is a village with the typical beautiful scenery which is called " the church and the bridge ".Here, it said that Diego rests. As for here, because winter snow piles up, each house which has eaves like " Gangi in Japan " continues.0409071301.jpg The vineyard began to spread. In the afternoon, We arrived at PONFERRADA ( the capital in the Bierzo prefecture ) to 2:30. It said that Adonis still went earlier, but it put a knapsack on Albergue once and we went to the taking in the lunch. It let three which return to the inn behind the lunch. I sketched a castle oneself. It was to have known later the other day but Adonis decided to challenge a journey with long tomorrow after all, checking in at this Albergue. It heard the story that there were two Japanese who stayed at this Albergue for 2 days. One of them become sick here and staied for two nights in the place in an overnight stay limit. It saw because the note was left. An arrow had been drawn from there the diary to have thought that it let's give up camino and to the next page, it cured Concluded and became to continue a travel again. When it might be possible to catch up, I thought. Because there was a PC in Albergue, I send e-mail to Japan.



**9/8(wed)(6th day of pilgrim) PONFERRADA((205.2km))--VEGA DE VALCARCE((166.3km)) (38.9km)

There was a big sound suddenly from the time of AM00:30 at the midnight. About 2000 fireworks rose. It wasn't possible to be going to bed simply. It was the beginning of some big festival.

0409080043.jpg The festival of 9/8 was just 9/8 am0:00 for 24 hours. In Japan, it isn't thought of. We stared at am7:00 in four of Marisa, Adonis, Diego ( after all, caught up previous day ), me. The shower .To go through the big city of PONFERRADA, the map of the city was necessary, but We didn't refer to the map, We walked straight suddenly at the wide street and made a mistake in the road. There was way disco and a lot of taxis wait for dance Akira or the doing visitor until the morning. Marisa's, Adonis's, I three groups are nonstop in 10 km to 195.6 km of CAMPONABAYA Here, Pilgrim tripe joins. Will Diego who was walking, being a little delayed have gone at the regular course?0409080907.jpg After this, it never met. We challenge a part of saving an about 4 km distance and moreover a long distance. It snitches red, and purple, green and a multicolored grape from the vineyard which bore and it takes moisture. If being a little, in camino, it is a fact of the act of being permitted.
There is VILLAFRANCA DEL BIERZO((182.6km)) in the 22.6 km spot from PONFERRADA ((205.2km)).0409081154.jpg It is Santiago when here is a Romanesque church and it passes through the gate of the papal indulgence. It is the fact that there is a value which is the same when going to the compostela but we hurry The wild strawberry.We replenished moisture in the water place where clean water drips. The expressway runs on the head from here. When saying what feeling it is, the expressway sews the mountains in Haruka or overhead while curving.
It is a general roadway as much as 50 m of the falling plumb down. the pilgrim trip runs along the field. It is at the defense wall with 1 m height that it divides a roadway and camino. It walks earnestly in the pilgrim trip to have been yellowly painted and for it to have been paved. The of camino appearance is projected by the direct sunlight from behind.0409081240.jpg 0409081242.jpg The bicycle-caminos roared and flew comfortably.Albergue is in each village and camino is included in the village road.0409081303.jpg The feeling with 10 km which were so needed to VEGA DE VALCARCE((166.3km)) It puts on PEREJE ((177.8km)). pm1:10 Having stamp in Albergue TRABADELO((173.8km))pm2:10 It rests at the restaurant of the roadway going-along which crossed a river. It eats paella. LA PORTELA((169.2km)), Going via AMBASMESTAS((168.1km)) and being VEGA DE VALCARCE((166.3km)) (: The base to O'CEBREIRO mountain pass ) pm5:29 arrival
0409081724.jpg I sketched the mountain which has a castle in opposite at pm 7:00 time. I made a story a German student for a while. where there is getting a job , the 1st cndition is the German country. the 2nd condition is a French country. Because the 2nd foreign language is France .They aren't particular about the place where there house is. It is the fact to go anywhere. It is the great EU. The idea is big. In the room, the black dog that was drinking water successfully in the water place last night was acompanied with his master It was a quiet dog.0409082157.jpg We crossed river (rio Valcarce) and took a walk. It goes out to the displayed plaza in the thatch roof. According to Adonis, it says that the the same -shaped house equals O'CEBREIRO mountain pass, too, of the thatch covering roof which holds the farewell of the Celt culture in this.

**9/9(thu)(7th day of pilgrim) VEGA DE VALCARCE ((166.3km))--O'CEBREIRO ((154.7km))--TRIACASTELA ((134.1km)) (32.2km)

We left a hotel in am7:00. We rose up at a breath from VEGA DE VALCARCE 《166.3km》 with 630 m altitude to O'CEBREIRO mountain pass 《154.7km》 with 1300 m altitude. There was a state line in the Galli seer ( the self-government ) state on the way. LA FABA《159.5km》 on the way had a good view..0409090916.jpg We passed O'CEBREIRO mountain pass 《154.7km》 to am9:55. There, it was doing some big festival. There was a line of a lot of persons who devote a candle to the church.
0409090941.jpg 0409090947.jpg Having us stamp in the church at the mountain pass .We walked earnestly at the roadway side from here. We met German woman who walk trudgingly alone on the way ; It was Kristina We walked together with her,by the way, she had important thing so the pleasant style to have been in the remainder of the breakfast at the hand. In ALTO DO POIO 《146.2km》, in the crest, the altitude is 1313 m..0409091140.jpg 200 m immediately ahead of ALTO DO POIO were the place of hairpin curve. I finished running there by the marathon ,Kristina said " you are a human being? " and was taken in the pulse of the scruff. 2 Germen on the way was fast like the true walking race. Even if I ran at the mountain path by the gallop, it followed even in where. It was fearful.0409091253.jpg They were keeping fit at " trot " like the walking race from around the day. One of them was doing consulting of the computer system and in the meantime appeared in NHK's education program about 20 years before?
In front of us,There was long downhill.0409091319.jpg We descended a mountain more. We arrived at TRIACASTELA ( chicken dirt Stella ) 《134.1km》 at one fifty p.m. Surprisingly at us, the previous German had arrived already. They seemed to have taken a shortcut and were sneering at it.
The archness met them. Because we were in the arrival quite early, the bed space, too, could be monopolized by us. Because the washing machine was out of order, it washed with the hand. So far and this was the same. It dried in the string. It got off the village to the lunch. It took lunch from pm3:25 to pm4:42. There was a shower in getting-off a second series. The Spaniard who is called Ramon participated in the lunch from the way. I sketched Ramon's face and took laughter. At this time, Marisa and Adonis, too, are the one to have spouted out both persons about writing but seeing sometimes later. There was a first aid room and having Marisa, too, treat a bean TRIACASTELA of Albergue had the biggest garden which was seen so far. There were many, too, persons who are laid at the grass in this place. It laid a mat on outside the big canopy ( the tent ) and it lay down at the late coming pilgrim It is a shower but occasional sunshine crossed. It drew the scenery of the mountains which spreads the other day to the immediateness by two sheets as the continuation image.
0409091504.jpg This TRIACASTELA ,I met the young couple of two Japanese by Bar in the front of Albergue. I heard "Are you Japon"? ". she " was so ". I made conversation her for a while. These two were the hero of the diary of PONFERRADA. I caught up with them at last.(thay put 3 days for 71.1 from Pontferrada, we put 2 days in the next day,so,I caought up them.)


**9/10(fri)(8th day of pilgrim)TRIACASTELA((134.1km))--SARRIA((115.6km))--PORTMARIN((93.2km)) (40.9km)0409100750.jpg

We left for 6:30 in the morning. The star in the whole sky was shining.SARRIA was hazy far and could have been seen. It seemed that it was a big city. We took a coffee break am10:14 by Bar immediately ahead of SARRIA.
.0409101112.jpg We crossed a hill. Wasthe number about 100 times in amount each other? All the members became exhausted. We arrived at FERREIOROS ( the Ferre Eros ) ((102.4km)) at last. As for us, I who ate lunch there ordered Ensalada of the omelette style. This was the name which resembled Empanada. It was about camino to stay at Albergue in this place, too.
.0409101252.jpg 0409101253_2.jpg 0409101319.jpg Four werePORTMARIN ((93.2km)) 10 km ahead more.We took a commemorative photograph in the 100 km spot.0409101329.jpg There was a plate which says so-and-so ". The size was 10 cm horizontal x 5 cm of vertical. There was railroad blow up in March, Madrid this year but out of then and 200 more victims, one name had been written. It was nailed on the tree in the any 4 or 5km interval. The town of PORTMARIN began to appear and disappear from the hill. It thought that I occupied. " Further! " Ota began to run. We were pm5:20 in PORTMARIN((93.2km)). Here, it seemed that it hurt a leg, being final. It became a terrible thing with the first aid of? this PORTMARIN((93.2km)) about whether or not the impossibility troubled. It has a pain roughly in case of having a pain in the leg and twisting an ankle by it. When making noise, it told that it went to Central medicine ( the central hospital ). I hurried compulsorily to the hospital in the form as watched over by the person in Red Cross. It is the doctor of the man who wore a mustache that went out while doing a paddy hand. He checked a leg on either side. This made only the left leg a volume around in the taping with being terrible. It became exactly like the cast.
It seemed to have firmed the whole left leg and was. It seems that it guesses that water collected on the ankle neighborhood of the left leg suddenly. Saying the buying of a supporter at the pharmacy when saying that it has a pain in the right leg, too, it wrote a slip. Adonis interpreted almost the other day. I got medicine at the pharmacy. After drinking beer by Bar, I got a little time and sketched the town of PORTMARIN. The bridge was famous and there was a bridge of two pieces of the old and the new in this city. Saying " there was a town in the part of town of and nothing in opposite the green which is before exactly and the flood destroyed a town " from the picture at the bridge It was given instructions in another Albergue. The picture gave nformation.
We went to the restaurant by Marisa, Adonis and I after it Christina was saying a bridge to visit it and the meal wasn't same.


**9/11(sat)(9th day of pilgrim) PORTMARIN((93.2km))--MELIDE((53.1km)) (40.1km)

We left for 6:00. Kristina wanted to walk more slowly today, we left her at the vestibule. We could not have met Kristina . Later, e-mail received in Japan was said to have walked in 25.1 km to PALAS DE REI((68.1km)) on this day. She remained the next day in the walking in 68.1 kmto SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA .She arrived pm10:30 to there at 9/12 and It was surprised at the time by the meaning where we, too, were in the restaurant near the cathedral . She was the pattern to have been hurrying about to meet the boyfriend who lives in Bilbao. It was disparity but it advanced towards the roadway approximately concurrently. We walked earnestly incamino which crosses a hill. We were Bar on the way and took Coffee Break.

0409110903.jpg 0409110916.jpg 0409111219.jpg
We met husband and wife of the bicycle in the 30 km spot from PORTMARIN pm12:19. They left for am8:30 . It guffawed at all. As for us, pm2:50 arrived at MELIDE((53.1km)). check In Here, with the fact that octopus food (Pulperia) is famous,Wet ran to the speciality store. Specialty woman was steaming an octopus near the entrance .0409111515.jpg 0409111516.jpg She boiled an octopus up and gave it from the hot water. She cat off an octopus cleverly with the scissors. How was the speed! She can enter the iron pot that the dish, too, is the same and warmed up. She sprinkled a lot of paprika on the plate. Also, it was possible for the olive oil to have adjusted in the octopus.
She told us to eat while hot. The line of the slender table continued to the back .A lot of people were eating an octopus. There were many, too, family. Only the bread plate, the octopus and wine equaled a table. Thay poured wine into the receptacle of the brown ware. It says that it is a tradition. After the octopus food, when we were drinking Coffee in Bar at the street corner, two Japanese women passed by. Thay were walking from August 10th on what and at all the courses of SANTIAGO from SAINT-JEAN-PIED-DE-PORT(((772.2km)) in the French border. In the elder sister is the tour conductor, the younger sister is a student. There was a boy group which is chatting, sitting on the ground on the way to go to Albergue-MELIDE. When I was sketching a street in front of Albergue at the pm7:20 time, the boys passed by. It was a fact of 15 years old of all the members. I came variously in the speaking to others with the fact of the foreigner. Is this, too, It was the grace of the sketch. I made a question and thay answered about how many year old I seemed to be. Having to be write an age in his own way at the cover of the sketchbook It made the boy to have represented as "99" different and the head was pat strongly by them with "22","23" and I because it wrote becoming glad. They told for me to be studying the Internet to hand over a business card and that it gave e-mail beforehand. I was greatly rejoiced when I wrote their name with the Katakana at the business card. When making noise noisily noisily, the previous younger sister passed quietly by.
0409111930.jpg By completely satisfactory by the appetite for my octopus food ,I went Bar and watched football. I eat picks Almond with the fry from Japan. Actually, this became the topic of conversation greatly in VEGA DE VALCARCE ((166.3km)). It seems that that Japanese has been written by the Katakana and the kanji is interesting. This, too, quite swells a stomach.

**9/12(sun)(10th day of pilgrim) MELIDE ((53.1km))--MONTE DO GOZO ((4.4km)) (48.7km)

Around early morning am6:00 Younger sister had a meal at the dining room The younger sister said that it was possible to buy yogurt only for four units and gave one to me. The 6:15 departure The flashlight of Adonis broke. My one headlight depends. Here, The problem happened. Because we were seeing only the footing which is lit up by the headlight, we got lost. The hit became bright but we were as it got lost completely. Another party, too, came here! When I saw a magnet, for the west to have to be headed for, the magnet turned to the southeast. However, there was a valley in the direction in the west which we should head for and the villages could have been seen in the hill. To avoid a valley, there was a pivot to go around roughly. We decided to retrace. I lead a party and search for the road. It was! Camino deflected from the roadway about 3 km forward and was stretching west. The right, there was CAMINO mark of the shellfish.
I had thanks from another party, too..0409120907.jpg We met the person of the palfrey in the road of camino. Japanese younger sister was climbing ploddingly a hill . Adonis discovered it 50 m ahead. Adonis seems to have known her with a little profile. They were the computation which arrives at SANTIAGO DE COMPSTELA 3 days later because it walks for 20 km constantly. Because I was advanced early on the 2nd, 3 days later, I spoke when it might be possible to meet in SANTIAGO. We are am in ARZUA((39.5km)) We arrived at am9:53. We took away Coffee Blake here. Here, ARZUA barman was a woman. She was good-looking fearfully. When ordering orange juice,She threw an orange into the machine one after another. Then, machine divided it into the two exact halves and was instantly formed into juice. It accomplished a line tremblingly from under the skin and it rushed out. The bar-woman clapped in the trash box to have begun to train it immediately severely with the hand. When regarding as coffee, in the bean, it was possible to be clash for two cups and the mouth was the one to have been with two and extracted things for two cups at the same time. When regarding as milk, it put a bottle at the side, it inserted a nozzle and it put a switch. There were "Jules" -"Jule"sound it warmed up milk. The bar-woman could have let change slip on the counter. The visitor caught this quickly. These were approximately instantly done. Such rhythmcal operation needed by Bar wherever and met. Will it say that this is Spanish? We started this Bar in am10:12. We did a short rest to pm2:46, too. I still had a pain in the leg.

0409121120.jpg 0409121121.jpg The high floor type cereal storehouse which plays an active part in the humid environment of the heavy rain of Galicia but to be in the place where " the oreo " leads.0409121143.jpg The LABACOLLA((10.2km))3:45 passage Water is broken. It is not in the restaurant. There is nothing. The part which is making a road near the aerodrome turns left and it heads for the LABACOLLA aerodrome. Therefore, it is lunch finally. pm4:10
0409121647.jpg We ordered a tortilla, tomato food and so on. Of the following we consulted on this place. That is, as for us, today, It became the consultation that we stay at Albergue of MONTE DO GOZO《4.4km》, of going to Santiago with the taxi meet Gunsalo of Marisa's son,of meeting his girl freind Joisa who is running from taking the Canary Islands in her vacation a ,of taking a meal together with them. We left a restaurant in pm5:30. This time, it doesn't pass tthe acmino which continues from LABACOLLA 《10.2km》 and earnestly, in the roadway, it heads for MONTE DO GOZO 4.4km》..0409121901.jpg The television tower could have been seen. We crossed it. We descend a hill at the monument and pm7:15 arrives at albergue. Today walked well with 48.7 km at us.
the time, pm9:20 . In this time, outside, it was still bright. When drawing an American big head, it became the story " that it is too big ". It did the next becoming of the story of Einstein's head. " His head was small but a link ( the gills of the brains ) was complicatedly intertwined " and another man said. The American: My one was smooth and said that it was simple. All the members burst out laughing.
The organization in this America seemed to be walking exactly in 100 km by rising to the bus to O'CEBREIRO ((154.7km)) and walking on the way way and moving by bus. Now, it was very fine. pm9:30 It called a taxi in Albergue and it paid out it in Santiago city. It met Marisa's son at the hotel of the staying. It received greeting's kiss from her, too. We struck gusto to the seafood. They said schedule to come next year to Japan. It returned at midnight Albergue but yet, the people at the room didn't return.

**9/13(mon)(11th day of pilgrim)MONTE DO GOZO((4.4km))--SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA((0km)) (4.4km) Arrival 2 days advance.
Average distance is between 2nd day of pilgrimand 10th is 37.75km Whole-- 362.1km

We left am6:50 for Santiago,am7:50 arrived at Santiago cathedral. We took a walk through the inside of the cathedral. 0409130815.jpg 0409130917.jpg 0409131017.jpg am9:10 we got COMPOSTELA(certificate )of the final purpose at last at the pilgrim office. We attended mass ( Botafumeiro ( the ritual which burns a thurible ) ) with the cathedral. Mass starts at the noon of 12:00. To sermon's starting at the 11:50 time already, but in great numbers drawing a file by several persons of 10 such as the big officiant and the altar In the beginning of mass, the name of the country and the number of people of the arrivaled pilgrim are announced to Santiago by 11:30 today and when Spanish, a local name and the number of people are released. It announced "Japon dos" ( Japan two ). It means two person from Japan,maybe young men who came at the office and me. It is hung from the ceiling at the 12:50 time and the thurible which will have the 1 m diameter which was in the high position or is thought of is dropped. 0409131303.jpg Two pulleys are put to the highest ceiling at the center of the cathedral. The tip of the rope to stretch from one of the pulleys from and to get off it parted from five and five officiants had each. Six big officiants who put on a red mantle surrounded it and the lowered thurible poured fire. Smoke rose .One of the rope durability brandished a thurible. It waited for this and pulling a rope by five When the thurible came to the most lower part, it pulled a rope strongly gradually. The pulley at the ceiling turned forcefully. To turn around the pulley which can have connected with the thurible, too, the thurible made dress bigger. It repeated several times of 10 this. It became the dress which is as big as to arrive at the ceiling ( the cross character direction of either side when seeing a church architecture from above ) on 20 m either side. The attendance looked up at the ceiling. It was highlights. It was as much as the drinking of breath.
I made a digital camera by Video-mode and it was taking a photograph but when the immediateness passed by the thurible, it was fearful. Dress, too, was gradually settled, and after becoming small dress, one made have it and it caught it, and it (540 degree)ed a body in the 1 turn half and it held dress fully. To clap as it breaks from the venue in the moment happened. It is the ending of mass.
The attendance stood up. It saw on the 3rd, at first, a feeling wasn't stuck but the person entered steadily in mass, too. A person was gathered to the aisle in the cathedral to the extent that it left the crack where one person can pass barely and that it didn't have the room of the standing an awl. Behind, the whole mass can not not be seen by the shadow of the big pillar who stands in line in the cathedral cross space and the thurible of botafumeiro, too, can not survey all. Very much, it was impossible when coming in front of the time and not sitting on the chair. Because it said never priority, the place where the around here pilgrim, too, may come fairly in front of the time must be occupied.

By the way, We entered three museums juxtaposed at the cathedral behind the lunch at pm4:00 and it visits to 6:00.Adonis is architecture relation,so he describes, being feverish. Sometime and MUSEO DE LA CATEDRAL It goes out to the rooftop which is. It overlooks Obradoiro plaza below. Now or the person of the imagery that it is possible to overlook the group of the person who takes a photograph with the person who stands like the imagery it and that customers were few and far between a short while ago becomes and seems to be making a profit.



After the camino(1st stage)-- Santiago suburbs

By the way, it was pm6:57. Adonis's father ( the name which is the same as Adonis ), Adonis's younger sister came to meet with the car. In the seashore neighborhood, it went to Adonis's house by me, and Marisa, Adonis. It passed on the way, the place to be doing oyster raising. The captain of the oyster ship seemed to be the close friend of Adonis's younger brother and received the explanation of the machine which the oyster ship had made for a while. How does it return based on the network, loading an oyster onto the ship and being efficient?
Mother Carmen, dog Cubee, Cat Furuke, Cow Tomars greeted. The cat chattered by the international language of "Niyaa"-"Niyaa--a". The house is a grape farm house and is a farm in the limit to survey. The apple and the grape seemed delicious and bore fruit. The father Adonis that they rose to the table poured Orujo ( the tight transparent liquor of 45 degrees like the ancestor of wine ) into the pan enough. He boiled Orujo itself down from 1/2 to 1/3 in the coffee bean there, putting fire to the liquor, putting in several pieces, the skin of lemon and the skin of the apple.

0409132223_QUEIMADA.jpg He made sugar caramel and put a brown color to the liquor. It was the ritual of QUEIMADA. The completion of this liquor takes 1 - 2 hours. It drinks this at all. The health
pm10:30 It telephoned the family who will have arrived at Madrid. It was surprised when saying a meal from now. It says the morning and there are Japan and a 3 hour difference in the good living habit with night.

**9/14(tue) Staying at Adonis house ,the grape farmhouse in the Galicia district.Ran 400 km with the car in the Atlantic Ocean seashore such as FINISTERIA .

As for me, am8:00 uprose. I sketched the scenery to overlook the bottom from the farmhouse by.Today sends Marisa who returns to BILBAO via FINISTERIA to Santiago by father Adonis, and son Adonis Noya, Marisa, me. It was the travel of the car. The am10:19 departure There is a mark in the pilgrim trip even if around here and the pilgrim trip which extends from Santiago to the finis tera and the pilgrim trip which stretches from Portugal to SANTIAGO and so on exist. The walking person and the bicycle, too, still go and it buys.
Fearful. It is 90 km from Santiago to the finis tera of the west coast. There are many, too, people who do a pilgrim as the journey on the 3rd. Indeed, the spot with the FINISTERIA which means FIN ( the end ) is a terminal and several traces which did a bonfire to the way of descending the sea from the cliff which has a lighthouse are left. Will it have burned the one which was made unnecessary in the travel? There was burning refuse such as the zipper. It pictures scenery with finis tera roughly at the small notebook with the ball-point pen. It replaced with the sketchbook later in the drawing and it brought down the price. The wave and the rock spray on the Atlantic Ocean The vivid impression 200 wind power generators range with the top of the mountains and turn comfortably. In the everywhere by this scenery Is it because there are few mountains as it is possible to use for hydroelectric power generation?

Marisa was a farewell in the bus terminal in Santiago. Tears appeared. It is 10 hours with the midnight bus to Bilbao.

Adonis and I passed seashore of one's way home. It called in at the place which is called ILLA TOXA . There was a very splendid hotel and the golf course was neighbor. As for this place, Summit, too, is the classy holiday resort to be opened. pm8:45 In the sunset, to see, it went to the end of the of lobby peninsula. 15 minutes to Beach on the opposite shore from Adonis's house It is a fact.

**9/15(wed) Today, we visited a wine cellar ( the wine mill ). Then headed for the hotel of SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA .

The am9:30 departur Javier: Adonis's younger brother ), Adonis's father, Adonis It goes to the visit in the wine cellar ( the wine mill ) which is in the place to have left for about 15 minutes by me.
It manufactures the white wine which used the grape of the ALBARINOspecies. The grape press We visited a wine label machine and so on, too. The tasting of wine from the young man who was working at the factory As for these tanks, the inside at present is empty, but as for the fact, the mowing of a grape begins with the week of 9/20 and the wine manufacture starts. It doesn't do and it brews to call to ship for the first time in the new year in November like the gnu bell lipstick of the French Bordeaux until July of next year.

We mounted expressway AP-9 again and headed for Santiago. HUSA which we reserve beforehand today It went to SANTIAGO APOSTAL Hotel. What and this hotel are MONTE DO GOZA. It was in the falling plumb down which is. There was an airport in 6 km on the prolongation at the road in front of this hotel. In 9/12 2 days before, we are the meaning which walked ploddingly here from the airport. I checked in here and became the style that the body only of the pochette and the sketchbook is light. We headed for the basement garage in Santiago city. We walked from here and headed for the cathedral. We did a purchase variously. We entered a cathedral on the mass way at the pm12:40 time.
A mass venue was buried by the person to the extent that there was not room of the standing an awl there. Embrace with the person in the pm1:00 neighborhood. It did all shaking hands by the sign and it embraced it. I discovered that the Japanese sister sat on the chair at this point.
As expected, it was in time for this day. Botafumeiro It starts at the 1:10 time. The highlights A type ends and there is it and it speaks with the sister. The eyes were shining with that the affecting which walked in all the journeys is done. For me to have the work which was left, sending, these two were Concluded. The sister isn't getting a COMPOSTELA yet. It says only that it was in the arrival now. The office was crowded, but it stands in line and decides to wait. Meanwhile, I go out to pass and one sheet sketch the cathedral to look at from there. The coloring At the center of the way that a lot of persons pass, the sketch is the one which doesn't have ashamedness and a reputation of! already. The pilgrim is arrivaling meanwhile, too, one after another. It goes to the seafood shop of the example by the sister, and Adonis, me and it strikes gusto at much seafood. It puts lemon in and it eats it. The razor clam ( navahha: the slender shellfish which can be exactly seen like the fountain pen in NABAHHA(navaja ) and the spelling is the most delicious. It turns a face to the ceiling, and it opens a mouth roughly, it makes the slender body who removed from the shellfish vertical and it claps it in the mouth. It is intolerable. It chatters each other while drinking water and wine. Then, suddenly, it was possible to have heard a canzonet. " That it is possible to return Sorrento ", The visitor at the shop is singing. All claps every piece of music.
Suddenly 1 woman of Japon! ( the Japanese ) and the singing pal flies in this place.
0409151540.jpgWith the shrill voice, it repeated Japon !,Japon ! and it shaked my hands. It is "AICHI","GIFU" sometime. It suggests a local thing. It rushes out of the phrase, AICHIBANPAKU(AICHI international exposition)too. It got into swing more if saying that I, too, live in Gifu pref.now. It seemed that it embraces already and it draws near. It was chattering in the Aichi World Exposition ( love and earth Exposition) of the hosting in 2005. It begins to chatter fast. The delightful getting into swing It, too, becomes calm and also the canzone starts. The woman is good for " being!! in spite of saying what and being the song that! is wonderful ", and so on, but that the master at the shop comes and to restrain with " because it inconveniences the other visitor ", too, raise 1 piece of the music last.
Later, it is silence in the moment. Is such a happening, too, the pleasure of the travel?

I parted from Adonis, and again, I went out to the Obradoiro plaza in front of the cathedral and sat on the branch of the Paradol ( the supreme state-operated hotel of 5 stars ) and sketched the cathedral and the scenery to overlook from the Paradol.
0409151617.jpg 0409151727.jpg 0409151935.jpg


After the camino(2nd stage)--Segovia, Barcelona

**9/16(thu) SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA--Airplane -- train --SEGOVIA

The Roman water supply could have been seen when descending Main Street of Segovia. The old town which was unified with the tile of the orange which has a cathedral towers over the immediateness.
0409161645.jpgThe tremble made the tone of color. It was great scenery. 0409161652.jpg I sketched Roman Water bridge by one sheet. pm6:00 I met a family.

I visited Castle which is called the prototype of the castle of Snow White who is in Disneyland. By the fact of the 7:00 closur.I sketched the cathedral of the old town. pm8:24
The setting sun sank into the horizon which spreads for a long time from the castle. The solemnness.


**9/17(fri) BARCELONA
**9/18(sat) BARCELONA
**9/19(sun) BARCELONA to Narita.

.-- Oh, I should study Spanish beforehand more!--